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Latest Field Notes

Borderland of Old Romance – Cornwall
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  The past holds a lot of power over me. When I’m walking through a city, a can’t stop imagining how it was before… decades ago, centuries, millennia when it was lush and covered in trees. What led it... Read More

The Tetrapylon of Palmyra
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  In 2015 I did a project with a friend called “Roam the Globe” where we painted animals from all over the world for 40 weeks. One of mine, during our weeks featuring the Middle East, was the Saker... Read More

Sketching in India
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When I was a kid, we used to take these awesome frantic trips where we would haul around exploring everything until exhaustion knocked us out at the end of the day. I loved it so much that when I... Read More

Playing Holi
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Holika Dahan: the day before Holi, called Chhoti Holi (meaning little Holi), pyres of wood and cow dung are burned by light of the full moon. Late in the evening, we stole out from the house into the city... Read More

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