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To be an artist is to be an explorer.


Latest Field Notes

Nourishing the Ancient Tree
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It started with a cave and the stars. I’ve always been fascinated by prehistoric art and astronomy, and how the two mingle through myth and cultural meaning (studied often through archeoastronomy). It’s a large part of what “The Inner... Read More

Goals for a New Year – 2018
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I’m not really one for establishing a New Years Resolution or choosing a word to frame the year around, but I do like to reflect on the year behind and make goals for the one ahead. 2018 has so... Read More

Borderland of Old Romance – Cornwall
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  The past holds a lot of power over me. When I’m walking through a city, a can’t stop imagining how it was before… decades ago, centuries, millennia when it was lush and covered in trees. What led it... Read More

The Tetrapylon of Palmyra
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  In 2015 I did a project with a friend called “Roam the Globe” where we painted animals from all over the world for 40 weeks. One of mine, during our weeks featuring the Middle East, was the Saker... Read More

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