Goals for a New Year – 2018

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I’m not really one for establishing a New Years Resolution or choosing a word to frame the year around, but I do like to reflect on the year behind and make goals for the one ahead. 2018 has so far given me 10 days of reflection all through the haze of the flu. (Oh my goodness, this year’s flu is no joke! Still sick and gross 12 days on, bleh.)

     2018 is going to be another year of change for me. We’re moving to Seattle! Which means that, come March, Washington will be the 9th State I’ll have called home. The good thing is that unlike this move to Ohio where we knew from the beginning that we’d be moving after 18 months, this Seattle transition has no end in sight–a great comfort.

Goals for my work:

  • Continue on series revolving around myth, prehistoric art, and archeoastronomy

I’m still working on figuring out what exactly the focus of this series is, but Inner Reaches of Outer Space and Nourishing the Ancient Tree (the Myth Tree) are both very much a part of it. I’m feeling it out as I go, in some ways. 

  • Make more Bingos 

I’m working on having Travel Bingo Cards for Germany, Athens, Rome, Iceland, Tokyo, NYC, Seoul, Barcelona, and more! Morocco Travel Bingo Card It takes a while to make each as I have to do a lot of research about a place to make one. Sometimes, the icons are easy to pick (like with Paris), but other times, even when I have been to the place many times myself, it takes weeks (like with Amsterdam). For places I’ve never been, it can be even trickier. Basically, it’s 3/4 research project and 1/4 painting. 

  • Paint or draw everyday 
  • Open an independent ‘Shop’ page on my website
  • Offer more prints 
  • Share more regularly

Last year, I got better at sharing regularly on Instagram. I’d like to get even more regular at that sharing at least once everyday. I’m also hoping for a post here once a week. 

  • Continue work on [SECRET] project and begin to share it! 

This project has me SO excited! I’ve been working on it for a little while and still have a bit to fine tune. 


Some personal goals:

  • Stay calm, cool, and as collected as possible during this upcoming move
  • Continue to work on setting healthy boundaries within my own goals and relationships (I can’t do everything)
  • Volunteer somewhere
  • Join a yoga studio
  • Continue home yoga practice every day
  • Practice forgiveness everyday
  • Read 45 books (Surpassed my goal last year with 53! You can follow what I read on Goodreads and set your own goal too.)

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