Courtyard Parakeets

I’ve been in India for a few days now with my sister. The courtyard in her family home has a large cage on one side with  parakeets and doves flying around singing beautiful songs. Sitting outside basking in the warm, spring sunshine and hearing the sounds of the house (home to several parts of the family) is a perfectly serene and wonderful spot to enjoy the afternoon and paint in my journal a little.

The Tetrapylon of Palmyra


In 2015 I did a project with a friend called “Roam the Globe” where we painted animals from all over the world for 40 weeks. One of mine, during our weeks featuring the Middle East, was the Saker Falcon with the (at the time still standing) tetrapylon of Palmyra in the background. Although they’ve been gone for some weeks now, the past few days I’ve been thinking about them and those in and out of Syria a lot.